Sky Aces - Cold War

Fighter jet game keeps you entertained

Sky Aces - Cold War is a game that tries to mimic a future World War III in the pilot seat of fighter jets. The game is played in missions, and you'll have to accomplish things like defending an airspace from enemy attacks, escorting important transport or bomber planes to keep them safe, attacking the enemy yourself, and lots of regular dogfights. Sky Aces - Cold War is a military minded action game that intends to keep you busy with explosions and the excitement of pretending to fly a fighter jet. The controls are easy to get used to, and the planes are based on real planes. The weather changes during the game, as well as the day/night schedule, which adds a realistic feel to the game. For fans of fighter jets, the specific models in the game include A-4, F-101, F-104, F-11, F-111, F-16, F-86, Super Sabre, MIG-15, MIG-17, MIG-19, MIG-21, MIG-23, SU-15, CF-5, Harrier, J-22, KFIR, Lightning, MD-450, Mirage 3, SAAB, and TSR. Overall, Sky Aces - Cold War could be a good game for people who like fighter jet games.

User reviews about Sky Aces - Cold War

  • McManus111

    by McManus111

    "I was hasty about my review...."

    I have played this game more anmd better understand what I received. I did get a helpful email from the seller who reac... More.

    reviewed on December 9, 2010

  • McManus111

    by McManus111

    "VERY limited it flying"

    No joy stick, 3500 ft ceiling, I guess you get what you pay for.... On training mode, desktop takes over and you can't p... More.

    reviewed on December 7, 2010